Bhakti Sastri Campus

Bhakti Sastri Plus will empower you with answers based on scriptural study:

  • When a non-devotee friend asks you “WHY are you a Hare Krishna?”
  • When facing an existential crisis, you ask yourself “WHY am I a Hare Krishna?”
  • When, despite all the opportunities coming your way, you still feel like asking yourself “WHYam I not a better devotee?”
  • When a coworker asks you “WHAT do the Hare Krishnas believe?”
  • When an agnostic asks you “WHAT does Vaishnavism have to say about the human condition?”
  • When you ask yourself “WHAT should I do to improve my spiritual life?”
  • When a relative asks you “HOW does it all make sense: your lifestyle, your philosophy and your goals?”
  • When you ask yourself “HOW can I better share Krishna Consciousness with others?
  • When a skeptic asks you “HOW do the Hare Krishnas contribute to the modern world?”


Bhakti Sastri Plus will equip you with more confidence in being a Hare Krishna devotee because it will help you understand the meaning and reasons behind our daily spiritual practice, theology and culture.